Action blocks in load runner

In loadrunner Vuser_Init will execute once, Action will execute for the given no. of iterations and Vuser_end executes at the end for one time. Its always help to have multiple actions in your script. You Can insert action blocks which are group of actions and you can configure each. 5. Module 1: Course Overview of LoadRunner Essentials Module 9: Creating Actions for a Web Script . Create action blocks. Module Types of Action files. Vuser_init; Action; Vuser_end. Vuser_init. This is the first action that is executed by the vuser and it comes under the init section of the script. So when I allocate % to one and 0 to the rest, I find contrary to my expectations, when running a full blown load test that the other actions. Any LoadRunner variable created with web_reg_save_param() is global. So, yes , you may collect in action1 asnd use in action2 through. Loadrunner Actions,Three types of Actions in Loadrunner that is vuser_int,Action can insert Blocks in Actions using Run Time Settings. Hello there!, I am looking of some help in action block of vugen scripts. Below is my scene. I have, Vuser_init Action1 Action2 - set of business. LoadRunner - When to use block in the script for LOad runner. want to execute 1st action 10 times and 2nd action 15 times u can use blocks.