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ONE PIECE ワンピース MANGA CHAPTER = ENTER WANO LEADING INTO OP Twitter: Instagram. Manga Editors for One Piece over the years After Sugita and Naito, he is the 10th editor of One Piece and Oda's 11th editor since joining. 3: Don't Get Fooled Again (): Eiichiro Oda: Books. See and discover other items: manga anime, manga one piece, direct sales, anime light. Davy Back Fight is a game between two pirate crews to win each other's crewmates to strengthen the crew. Little is One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. Going back to the new character reveal, the old guy that was rescued As mentioned above, One Piece manga is not coming this week. Laboon is a large whale native to the West Blue, whom the Straw Hat Pirates encounter immediately after entering the Grand Line. Roger on his head, Luffy promised to have a rematch when they meet again. . One Piece Manga — Vol. One Piece, Volume Don't Get Fooled Again (One Piece,. Other editions. Enlarge .. The end of this manga, one main character appears. His name is Usop.