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Now I would like to copy these playlist files (one by one) back to the I just would like to copy back my *.m3u files to the directories where they. Instead, you can tell SpiderOak ONE or Groups to back up your files To select a file or folder for backup, check the box next to the folder or file. Hey, So I have this script where I need to include() a file which is located in a folder previous to the one I'm including from. Now I've tried. There is a back button that will do just that. Enable it in the "view" menu. Set Location selector to "toolbar style". Using what you stated above will work, so if you're in css and want to go to images (as an example) you would do the following: require_once('. Is there a way to have the previous directory show up in a Window after changing to another drive and then changing back to the original drive. Hi, I know that you can assign the current directory path that you are in by using the myPath = What I want is to go back one. Ive been having a problem with my site where it wont recognize directory structure. example: FOLDERONE FOLDERTWO. Hi, It seems to be a simple task but whatever I tried it didn't work. So how can I go a folder back? this does not work:'. I found this question confusing, but what I can say is that the current working directory (cwd for short) is a property of the environment that is.

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