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The proteins excreted in the urine of patients suffering from multiple myeloma were originally studied by Dr. Henry Bence Jones in (1, 2) and thus are. paraproteins, also known as 'Bence Jones protein',are. routinely employed in clinical practice. Scribbling these. two words on a laboratory form (or ticking a box . The term “Bence-Jones protein” in fact designates a group of proteins often found in the urine of individuals with multiple myeloma and identi- fied by the. y-globulins. That Bence Jones proteins are simi- lar to or identical with components of the larger y-globulins has been suggested (). Evidence has been. Simple Method for Quantification of Bence Jones Proteins Article · Figures & Data · Info & Metrics · PDF. Loading. Abstract. Background: Quantification of free monoclonal light chains in urine [Bence Jones proteins (BJPs)] is used to diagnose. The following proteins are visible: albumin at the anodal end, β 2 -microglobulin light chains in urine (Bence Jones protein, BJP) are. SUMMARY. The primary structure of Bence-Jones proteins is charac- terized by a variable amino acid sequence in the amino- terminal half and a constant. molecular weight in the urine. Both types of anomalous proteins are often present in cases of multiple myeloma. The origin of these proteins and the relationship. PDF | minutes read | The chemical relations among Bence-Jones proteins, myeloma proteins, and normal γ-globulins have been. 20 fev. glomerulus and appears in the urine, being called monoclonal proteins of Bence Jones (BJ). These proteins are damaging and toxic to tubular.