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Asia · South Korea · Seoul · Seoul Travel Forum Also any recommendations for other kpop related things to do or see in Seoul. Best Seller. There is an app called kpop amino which is great for talking to people around the world who also love kpop! It's in english and there is also a spanish version of. Member with the Best Personality? - Key love his diva Funniest Member? - Jonghuyn Dorkiest Member? - Onew Most Innocent. OneHallyu is the most active forum right now, at least when it's not down! If you want to know Which kpop group gives the best fan service and why? Views. There are times when the top 2 answers about an issue are two completly, sometimes opposite, opinions. This is honestly the only forum in. Korean Music. Medals; Menu. Log in · Sign up. allkpop Forums. Forums allkpop Which female idol look the best with Blonde hair? SooYoung, 5 minutes. i kinda want to find more. Right now i'm at allkpop, soompi and here. do you guys have any suggestions? EDIT: Feel free to suggest Jpop. A forum to discuss K-pop. Obviously. General Korean Music & K-Indie · Deja- Boo, Mar 21, 16 17 Replies: Views: 18, Petit nain des Îles. things I know about South Korea is that they have the best CS GO and Starcraft esports teams there. Can you guys recommend me any amazing KPOP artists. Dedicated & Fun Community Of International KPOP Enthusiasts & Fans. Welcome to the friendliest KPOP forum around! Wanting to join the rest of our.

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