Black mage robe maplestory

Pensalir Mage Sallet, Level Job: Magician INT: , INT: + LUK: + Max HP: + Max MP: + Defense: + Eqp Pensalir Mage Robe. Eqp Dragon Tail Mage Robe · Dragon Tail Mage Robe · Overall, Level Job: Magician INT: , INT: + LUK: + Magic Attack: +2. Defense: + Black Wizard Robe (M), Req Level: 28, Req Stats: INT 85, LUK Weapon Def.: 28 Dragon Tail Mage Robe, Req Level: , Req Stats: INT , LUK We have MapleStory quest information, character guides, item information and Looking for a MapleStory forum to chat in and have fun? Black Mage Robe. Left to Right: Alicia Dress, Lil Alicia; Blue Flame Magician Robe, Black Mage's Aura, Frostblade Weapon; Damien Coat, Lil Damien; Lotus's. The Black Mage Surprise Style Box holds a random decorative equip Blue Flame Magician Robe, Overall, 1%. Black Mage's Aura, Cape, 1%. Level Don't even bother with the robe; split set has better defence. Black Lutia, Level 30 Level 30; Fire+Poison Wizard/Mage/Arch Mage only only. INT: +. Pandora Weapon, Hilla Head Decoration, Hilla Robe, Hilla Shoes, . Allegro Hair, Twinkling Star Hair, White Mage Hair, Black Pearl Hair.

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