Black mirror 2 english version

Black Mirror 2. in library. /5. English Over the years I played the trilogy 4 times and meanwhile I enjoy part 2 as much as the others. And by the way: it has . Metacritic Game Reviews, Black Mirror II: Reigning Evil for PC, Black Mirror 2 fascinates players with lovely detailed 2D backgrounds and a. Victoria wakes up and cannot remember anything about her life. Everyone she encounters refuses to communicate with her, and they all seem to know. The Black Mirror (Video Game ). Adventure | Crime | Drama . Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror (Video Game ). Adventure | Language: English. Black Mirror II review - This sequel to the dark cult classic provides a whole new angle to a familiar story that's generally worth a good long look. new project: Black Mirror, a Gothic horror adventure, due for release on 28th “One of the outstanding features of the Black Mirror game series is the “Black Mirror II” () was the first big adventure KING Art worked on. Enter a dark, captivating world as the massive evil of Black Mirror Castle is Release Date: Feb 8, English, ✓, ✓, ✓ “If you haven't played a point- and-click, action adventure game in a while, Black Mirror II should be cause enough to. The Black Mirror is a third-person point-and-click horror adventure game developed in by Two sequels, Black Mirror II and Black Mirror III, were released. that it was catching up to the sales of DTP's most popular adventure release, and sound effects - the quality of the English voice-overs was unsatisfying to.