Blade and soul full english patch

Play Blade And Soul in Taiwan Server with English Patch. Last month While the patch does not fully translate all the statements due to live. bcoz many ask me about english patch Taiwan BNS so i post here link https:// and the video how to patch here. Correct, there is a whole chapter or two that does not contain any quest text. .. server is already up.. english patch please.. thanks have a nice day. . Client settings meaning Blade and Soul OFFICIAL client launcher. Special file to translate blade & soul japan. Fully translated Destroyers Skills; Fully translated Blade Master skills; Fully translated Warlock. English patch for BnS JP using current NA translation. JP Download: http://www. KR Download. The new NC Launcher supports the following languages: English (US), English ( UK), French, German, and Portuguese (Brazil). Q: How do I select my language. 3- Download the Torrent File for the patch (Or just go to [C:\ > Program from the desktop shortcut, click "Update" and wait for it to complete.