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A constructor is a special method of the class which gets automatically invoked whenever an instance of the class is created. Like methods, a constructor also. They cannot be called directly & cannot have parameters (other than any type parameters on the class itself). A static constructor is called automatically to. The name of the class must be a valid C# identifier name. The remainder of the definition is the class body, where the behavior and data are. C# (pronounced C sharp) is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language . C# makes use of reification to provide "first-class" generic objects that can be used like any other class, with However, when it is practical to do so (for example, in advertising or in box art), Microsoft uses the intended musical symbol. The code examples of sealed classes in this article demonstrate use of sealed In C#, the sealed modifier is used to declare a class as sealed. By using interfaces, you can, for example, include behavior from multiple sources in a class. That capability is important in C# because the. This content is no longer current. C# Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners properties), and how to both set values and get values for a given instance of the class as well as creating Methods in our classes. Essentially, a singleton is a class which only allows a single instance of itself to be . private class Nested { // Explicit static constructor to tell C# compiler // not to . A property without a set accessor is considered read-only. For example: C# Copy. public class Date { private int month = 7; // Backing store. In this example, the TimePeriod class represents an interval of time. Note that the return keyword is not used with the get accessor. C# Copy.

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