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Never used the shoutbox before, but since there is only a few weeks left on CCG we would like to make the most out of it. So sorry for this but Esseker server just. As i seen that the CCG Wasteland Tanoa Server is offline, i now Its very similar to the CCG one but not the same!its not a normal one too. Gaming community for ArmA based Wasteland and DayZ servers SUPPORT ONLY VIA OUR WEBSITE. UK. Lewis @PsiSyn. CCG - Michael @ CCG_Michael. Epoch Mod CustomCombatGaming @customcombatgam 18 Oct More. A lightweight replacement for Custom Combat Gaming's Arma2 mod launcher - ZackBoe/ccglite. Wasteland Subscription Subscribe to get reserved slot and custom vehicle and unit skins! Our discord Welcome to CCG's public Steam Group. This page is Welcome to the Official Custom Combat Gaming Group! CCG Malden Wasteland. Turns out CCG are shutting down which I think we are all quite shocked about.. But years ago ERM Gaming was made by Maximus it was. CCG Exile Cherno US. Custom Combat Gaming. ADDRESS. REGION. North America. PLAYERS? / MAP. Chernarus. OWNER. Custom Combat Gaming are a multi-game community with over 20 ARMA based Custom Combat Gaming - DayZ Epoch, Wasteland and much more! CCG Launcher Download and Instructions - CCG Launcher - Custom Combat Gaming.

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