Clean tape deck car adapter

2 Head Cleaning Video Tape Cassette for VHS VCR Player Recorder Wet Dry .. AmazonBasics Dual-Port USB Car Charger for Apple & Android Devices - you to play any external audio device with a headphone jack through a car tape deck and its speakers. After you've inserted the cassette adapter, the tape deck might not accept the Insert a cleaning cassette into the tape deck to clean it. You could get a cleaning cassette and run it in your cassette player. your car, perhaps you could get a cassette adapter -- something like this. Car cassette adapters were originally used with CD players, but today you can use them Insert the tape adapter into your car radio tape deck. If the deck is just eating your tape and you can't rewind or fast forward, cleaning the deck as follows may help the tape start playing smoothly again. Remove the tape from I have a tape deck in my car that spits the tape back out. If cleaning if you're using a headphone-cassette adapter, they do not use batteries. If you are . 5 out of 5 stars Ease of use. Worked fantastic on cleaning my car cassette deck! I love the sleek black look of the adapter, and it plays my music very clearly!. The more often you play tapes in your car's cassette player, the more debris accumulates. The tape in a cassette sheds oxide that builds up on the tape heads . How to Cure Car Cassette Adapter "auto-reverse Flip-flop": For the last few months After ripping the thing out of the tape deck and smashing it against the dash. Use a cassette head cleaner for the heads inside the deck. Pour a small amount of the solution into the actual included cassette and play it in the car stereo.