Company command squad loadout

Company Command Squad with 4 Plasma Guns in Chimera . But, if required to take one, the loadout is entirely dependent on what the. 40K Tactics: Space Marine Captains & Command Squads Today, I will be looking at the potent Company Captains and their Command Squads. Command Squad – is equipped with when you are picking his loadout, as a. Subject: Astra Militarum Command Squad Loadouts 1) Sit back and give orders / Emperor's Wrath Command .. I run mine as I have always run them since I began playing: Company Commander with a Plasma Pistol and. A Command Squad is a squad of Space Marine veterans who accompany the The Company Champion is the bodyguard of the Captain. I will be analyzing each individual unit in their own separate article, starting with the Platoon Command Squad. As one of the three mandatory. Hello everyone, I am currently new to 8th edition, and I decided to start an Astra Militarum army. I am now kitting out my Company Command. The Company Commander is still a HQ choice, but his command squad of 4 veterans is now an elite choice – just like the platoon commander. Command squad loadout - posted in + ASTRA MILITARUM +: What I'd feel comfortable taking a company command with 2 plasma guns in a.

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