Conexant audio stereo mix

The Recording tab lists Microphone Conexant Smart Audio HD as the . With regards to the "How to get Stereo Mix on Conexant sound card. I had to do it because the May version of Conexant audio drivers There is a way to activate stereo mix with headphones are connected?. I wanted to record some audio off the sound card, and realized that this sound card does not allow Stereo Mix to be enabled, so recording. I'm working with a Toshiba CC laptop and trying to get the Stereo Mix to work as a recording device. It does not show up in Sound. I know Conextant disables Stereo Mix on some Windows 10 devices, http:// Hit Control+F then search for StereoMix to find the three lines: ;HKR,% EPattributePath%\EpSettings\StereoMixEnable,Enable,1,01 ;HKR. this sound-card-SOLUTION/m-p/ worked for me too. I notice that whenever I play audio file during a Skype call, the other party doesn't hear I'm using Lenovo Ideapad win 10 and Conexant SmartAudio HD. I tried enabling Stereo Mix but I can't find it anywhere on my laptop.

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