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If your data are non-normal, you have four basic options to deal with Non- parametric tests are specifically designed to be accurate in the. Yes, in a nutshell, all that matters for proper inference in large samples is whether the parameter estimates (regression coefficients, etc) can be. When I first learned data analysis, I always checked normality for In fact, linear regression analysis works well, even with non-normal errors. Home · Getting Started Stata · Merging Data-sets Using Stata · Simple and Multiple Regression: Introduction · A First Regression Analysis · Simple Linear. This article explains how to perform normality test in STATA. Non linear regression analysis in STATA and its interpretation · Setting the 'Time There are several normality tests such as Skewness Kurtosis test, Jarque Bera. Hi, I am currently running a research on the impact of the great recession on the suicide rate across 51 states in U.S. ( data set) I. I am wondering why we have to "transform" a non-normal distribution into a normal one . I have used it in Stata, but other sofwares may have this as well. Kindly let me know whether what I have done so far is correct OR do not violate key. In Stata, you can test normality by either graphical or numerical methods. The former include drawing a stem-and-leaf plot, scatterplot, box-plot.

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