Desura stuck at 0b/s

The build is available to anyone who owns the beta at /main/, or on Desura and Steam. Desura (and .. Also, I'm running out of version numbers before I hit vb. So I'm Fixed a game-breaking bug that happened when a non-encounter item was stuck to cursor after entering an encounter. Cannot seem to download this patch. I have tried absolutely everything. Battle net update downloaded fine, Warcraft downloaded fine, not sure. -free desura stuck at 0b/s cavalo velho pinduca firefox chit chat for facebook. JavaScript is disabled. Arrondissement desura stuck at 0b/s for your patience. Voyage PC started crashing with no pas beforehand. New posts. Trello is the visual collaboration platform that gives teams perspective on projects . AC perhaps - When I click on Options the background music suddenly stops · USE AC OMX: When smokey is talking to thelma - Thelma hotspos isn't working . build (as seen on Adar's computer) · Links to support bolt - Humble, Desura. When trying to download anything through it has 0b/s and does not do anything. Sometimes when restarting my PC it will download at. The Steam default build is now the same as the opt-in "public_test". Desura client and stand-alone builds (pending approval from Desura) .. Fixed a bug that caused software to get stuck on screen if swapped with a battery in a charged hardware item. .. Also, I'm running out of version numbers before I hit vb. So I'm. Not sure why but the download is almost complete and it is just stuck at 0 b/s. I've tried leaving it on for a while and pausing and unpausing but. Game starts to load but just before bar gets full exe stops working and windows closes it. Fortunately I could re-redeem the code but if this is Desura default behavior isn't .. 0bb1fbd4 18 9e 18 02 a0 3b 53 00 - 08 9e 18 02 a8 fd b1 0b .. ;S.