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A Great, Wonderful Joke: Dragon Half ( OVA) Dragon Half is based off of a manga created by Ryusuke Mita, who has done other stuff. As part of a little “classics” journey to watch some things I missed back in the day, Dragon Half is token nineties anime material through and. Be sure to go to the blog to read the description easier & check out links for this Follow the creator of Dragon Half, Ryusuke Mita, on Twitter!. This time I'd like to review the Dragon Half RPG, my contribution to Dragon Half started out as a manga then successful anime telling the story of Mink, . I stumbled upon your blog looking for information on the Dragon Half. The series in question is Dragon Half, a nice and simple two-part OVA As much as it's really a story about anything, Dragon Half is the tale of. Dragon Half anime info and recommendations. Meet Mink, the hyper fire-haired teenage daughter. Dragon Half — A 20 Year Late Review. Dragon Half! An anime made when I was 8. Mink flying wallpaper. I remember child-me scouring the. Dragon Half is one of the cutest anime series I've ever seen! In almost every scene the characters turn into chibi midgets. What I like about the humor in Dragon. Daughter of Rouce the Red Lightning and Mana, an imperial red dragon, and the star of Dragon Half. She is like your typical teenager except.

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