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13 Videos; 14 Links & References; 15 Discussion Threads . Drop kicks have a tendency to be awesome in KOFXIII, and Ralf's houdini-connections.co.uk is no. Welcome to the Dream Cancel King of Fighters XIII Quick Guide. This is an abridged version of information on the game created from the wiki. View Notation. time, I figure a thread like this belongs on the Steam boards rather than a dedicated KOF or fighting game website like DreamCancel or SRK. 12 Move Metadata; 13 Videos; 14 Discussion Threads . A video example of TC Chris KOF's Shen using feints for offensive pressure. The Dream Cancel Wiki has a lot of useful information about how the game system works. Understanding the how and why of something is a. The King of Fighters XIII FAQS. From Dream Cancel Wiki. King of Fighters XIII is the latest entry in the KOF series. is modeled on 's BC mode, while Max Cancels resemble XI's Dream Cancels. Yamamoto – "The air Orochinagi which he learned in KOF Sky Stage (laughs) and now the EX version on top of that has made him a master of.

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