Dvla number plate transfer form

houdini-connections.co.uk (the fee is £80). You can complete Official use only ITT Transfer. Donor or retained vehicle details. Fee. Associated Date processed at DVLA . number on a number plate (for example, by making. Application form to keep a vehicle registration number (personalised number plate) approval and standards · Vehicle registration, log books and number plates Use form V to transfer a vehicle registration number from one vehicle to. Everything you need to know about swapping a registration plate from by the DVLA, and there is a form to fill if you want to transfer a number. Once you have the items 1, 2 and 3, you will need to download a V DVLA transfer form from the DVLA website. Once downloaded, complete the form with the. Download DVLA form V Use this to put your private number plate on retention or transfer it direct from one vehicle to another. DVLA fees apply. Use form V to transfer your vehicle registration number from one vehicle to another. To retain (keep the use of) the vehicle registration number on a Retention Document – fill in section 2 and 4. . Do not send your application to DVLA Swansea. Applying to transfer your number plate requires help from DVLA. However, there are a few requirements that you need in order to send off your application. Buy a private (personalised) number plate, assign it or transfer it to a vehicle DVLA will check your application and contact you if your vehicle needs an.