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Whenever I come across an article I'd like to read but would take only one thing I haven't been able to switch to Instapaper: email newsletters. Log in to Instapaper, check your Unread articles and look for the email from Gmail. That email will contain a confirmation code. Copy it. If you can't see it easily. They arrive by Twitter, by RSS, and by email. They're passed around on social networks. They're embedded in online articles and blog posts. Illustration for article titled 10 Tricks to Make Yourself an Instapaper Master. Good news: the best read-it-later service, Instapaper, is now giving. Millions save articles into Instapaper every single day, from long articles save the email into Instapaper; If you have multiple articles/links, you. Fortunately it's a snap to send all those great articles to your Kindle so Take that *@instapaper address and add it to the approved email list. Save Content in Your Android Web Browser. Once you've downloaded the app, navigate to an article in your browser. Choose "share," and select Instapaper. Illustration for article titled Mailist Is Instapaper for Email Addicts. Photo: Unsplash . We know we're not supposed to let email run our lives, but. Despite an impressive adoption rate, a plethora of Instapaper features saved articles on Instapaper, you're then able to export these as a. . If you receive an email that's just too long to read straight away, you might. You can email articles to your Instapaper account using the secret email address for your account found at