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Guide Machine ~ Ask for directions. □ Guild Merchant ~ Purchase items or use the bank. * □ Mercenary Resistance ~ You may continue to. Revival NPC ~ Establish a save point. □ Guide Machine ~ Ask for directions. □ Guild Merchant ~ Items are sold here and the bank may be. Atomix Emil Chronicle Online Wiki Hawkeye - Chronicle Job Class 6, Attack a target's vital points, decreasing houdini-connections.co.uk, houdini-connections.co.uk, houdini-connections.co.uk, and houdini-connections.co.uk Active. It's the end of the line for one long-running Japanese MMORPG. Emil Chronicle Online, also abbreviated ECO (no relation), is closing down its. The DEM race would be considered the Machine race of Emil Chronicle Online. All of their base status are even, making them even hard to play. Starters are. Composer(s). ACE+[show]. CHiCO); Kenji Hiramatsu; Tomori Kudo. Greenwich Fields. Platform(s) · Windows. Release. JP: November 24, Genre(s) · MMORPG. Mode(s), Multiplayer. Emil Chronicle Online (Japanese: エミル・ クロニクル・オンライン), often referred to as ECO, is a. Emil Chronicle Online SAGA ZERO. likes. Games/Toys. Emil Chronicle Online, often referred to as ECO, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game created by Headlock and Online. Developer(s), Headlock.

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