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Kaiketsu Lion-Maru (快傑ライオン丸, Kaiketsu Raionmaru, lit. The Extraordinary Lion Knight, also translated as The Vigilant Lion Knight and Swift Hero Lion. Find Takara TV Movie Kaiketsu LION MARU Henshin Cyborg 99 Fi and more at Medicom has released two new sofubi of Kaiketsu Lion Maru and Tiger Joe, designed by Bear Model. Erroneously in that batch was this 13″ Kaiketsu Lion Maru figure, vintage early 70's. Henshin menkos Welcome to VINTAGE NINJA — dedicated to old ninja movies from Japan's 60s boom to the 80s American. Yesterday we looked at the early 70's TV sword-girl standout Saori – whose taut legs and exposed athletic thighs were obviously secondary. Kaiketsu Lion Maru (快傑ライオン丸, Kaiketsu Raionmaru), translated in Swift Hero Lion Maru or Extraordinary Hero Lion-Maru, is a jidaigeki/henshin hero.

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