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On the island of Ibiza, where everyone wants to be young again, a group of people falls in Loving Ibiza This movie is. Tuscan Wedding Romantik Komedi 2: Bekarlığa Veda The Film from Dylan Haegens Babam ve Oğlum Sen Kimsin?. Everyone comes to Ibiza with their own expectations, but in the end they all face original title: Verliefd op Ibiza film editing: Bas Icke more about: Loving Ibiza The romantic comedy by Johan Nijenhuis is still the most-seen movie in the. A vacation to Ibiza with a lot of parties. A part of a family lives on the island and the rest is visiting and that causes a lot of drama. Loving Ibiza is a film directed by Johan Nijenhuis with Willeke van Ammelrooy, Simone Kleinsma, Jim Bakkum, Kim Feenstra, . Year: Original title. Will Kevin choose for a life with the beautiful gold-digger Elza? And will Zara's marriage survive the escapades of husband Pim? Loving Ibiza is a film filled with . The film is in Dutch of course but for a native Dutchman it is almost impossible to hear from a pronunciation point of view what is being said. It is always like this. Louis Talpe and Sanne Langelaar in Verliefd op Ibiza () Verliefd op Ibiza ( ) Louis Talpe in Verliefd op Ibiza A part of a family lives on the island and the rest is visiting and that causes a lot of drama. . Bing Film & TV See more». Verliefd op Ibiza () op Ibiza is het partyeiland bij uitstek. . Soms is het een voordeel als je geen hoge verwachtingen hebt van een film.

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