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Some times you are trouble to reach some of the sites due to DNS issue, it may be your local DNS cache was corrupt. For this kind of situation. Web server contains the web pages and DNS storage cache stores the recently visit web pages location. This process always runs and DNS. Its not your local box which is caching the DNS requests but it is the DNS resolver which you are using in your /etc/houdini-connections.co.uk who is caching. How to Flush the Local DNS Cache in Linux Server distribution – yum for RedHat-based distribution such as Fedora, CentOS and apt-get for. Flushing your DNS cache can help to clear things out and possibly speed up domain name resolution. Learn several ways to clean out your DNS cache on Linux. It's the choice of the Red Hat distributions and Arch Linux. This tutorial will show how to flush DNS using various platforms. By the end, you'll be able to clear DNS cache on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. DNS, or a Domain Name System, is responsible for resolving website names into their respective IP addresses. So, if you're having trouble. I'm on a Dial UP Internet connection under Linux and frequent dial up disconnection causing dns problems. How do I flush DNS cache under. How to clear DNS cache for RHEL without reboot. Solution Verified Environment. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6; Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Nowadays many Linux distributions do not utilize a local DNS resolver cache, like Windows and Mac OS X. If you do not know whether your distribution has su.

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