Formula 1 turbine cars

In a Formula 1 season dominated by Tyrrell, defending champion Lotus slumped to a disappointing fifth. Both teams, along with every. The Lotus 56 was a gas turbine-powered four-wheel driven racing car, designed by Maurice Philippe as Team Lotus' STP-backed entry in the Indianapolis , replacing the successful Lotus 38 and the STP-Paxton Turbocar. The 4WD concept was also used in the Lotus 63 F1 car, and the wedge. It was while watching the Lotus turbine Formula One car during the first day of practice for the Race of Champions that the thought occurred to me that Formula . With its innovative turbine drive, instead of a normal reciprocating piston engine, F1 designer Colin Chapman saw the potential of such a car and let the project. Here’s one interesting example as the famed Team Lotus built and raced an F1 car powered by a gas turbine. The Lotus 56 was fitted with a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 gas turbine and a four-wheel drive transmission. Australian racer Dave Walker gave the Lotus 56B its first official. Lotus adapted the Type 56 design for use in Formula One a few years later with a new turbine, but the car never placed high enough to be.

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