Fun carroll diagrams ks1

A new revised version of this activity can be found here. Use the interactivities below to fill in the Carroll diagrams. If you prefer, you could print off these sheets: . Primary Resources - free worksheets, lesson plans and teaching ideas for primary and Carroll Diagrams (Jennifer Philbin) Smart Notebook (zipped); Carroll. A simple way of introducing children to carroll diagrams, in a way which is meaningful to them. Wow they mush have got alot of fun during the lesson. Rating: 5. Worksheets, activity ideas and a supporting PPT to help children understand how to enter and extract information from Venn and Carroll diagrams. We explain what a Carroll diagram is and how primary-school children are taught to use a Carroll diagram to sort data, such as a group of objects or numbers. Carroll Diagram KS1 - This resource features two number sorting worksheet activities. One uses a carroll diagram, the other a venn diagram. Great for helping . Sorting Shapes on a Carroll Diagram. Sort a variety of 2d shapes on a Carroll diagram. Sort by one or two conditions. Works well on an interactive whiteboard. There is an updated version of this task here. Can you put the numbers in the correct place in this Carroll diagram? You can try out your ideas using the. Carroll diagrams on ourselves -before moving to numbers. Mr P's ICT blog - iPads in the Classroom: Selfie Carroll Diagrams! Fun Math. More information.