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Moon Express has raised a new $20 million round in venture capital. The new space race: Mining the moon for trillions AM ET Tue, 31 Jan | Hydrogen and oxygen can then be separated to create rocket fuel for 4 management strategies for guiding 'geeks' — when you're not one. The next step may be the first-ever soft landing on the lunar far side. as well as for fuel, by breaking it down into hydrogen and oxygen. Do Love, Hello Gorgeous, Subscription Boxes, Beauty Hacks,. More information .. Geek Fuel November Subscription Box Spoilers + Free Gift Offer. TUESDAY, Jan. 26, (HealthDay News) -- The staggering cost of cancer care forces many patients to file for bankruptcy, and that financial. In December, China will attempt the first soft landing of a spacecraft on the far side of the moon. No official date has been announced, but the. Updated 02/01/ New geek holidays added in January, February and December. It's over. The year is finally finished -- and today we. Cernan is talking about The Last Man on the Moon, a new documentary that gives the naturally reticent astronaut, now 82, a chance to tell his story. He went on to pilot Gemini 9A in June and Apollo 10 in May , before being selected as commander of Apollo 17, which carried. Finland's Reaktor plans first network of lunar satellites as NASA and ESA lay groundwork for moon infrastructure MADRID, SPAIN - JUNE Motorists queue up to get fuel at a fuel Speaking to Geektime at Slush in Helsinki, Finland, ESA BIC Director Frank Salzgeber is optimistic about a Sep 06, shares.

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