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A few quick PowerShell scripts Find all lists that support a particular content type: $webs = get-spsite http://yourserver/sites/yoursite. $sitename = $args[0] $contentType = $args[1] $web = Get-SPWeb $sitename $ct = $[$contentType] if ($ct) { $ctusage. There is already a script on my blog which lists the site structure for SharePoint Online but I also created a script to get all content types and. This script will give you the usage details and dependencies of any content type, such as - list URL, Web URL, etc. and wherever that is being used. if ((Get -PSSnapin "" - ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) -eq $null) { Add -PSSnapin " $site = Get-SPSite("your-site-url"); foreach ($web in $ { $ctype = $["Your Content Type"] $usages = [Microsoft. Till it does.. here is a PowerShell script that does the trick. $sitename= "http:// sharepoint" $contentType = "My Custom Content Type" $web = Get-SPWeb $ sitename $ct = $web Looking for content type usage within subsites?. Or find in which sub site the content type is located? . Using the following PowerShell to list all site in a site collection using a particular. PowerShell Tool to Enumerate the Content Type Usage in . #you can filter the processed site collections in the following line Get-SPSite -Limit. Lets use "SharePoint Manager " to find where our content type is to find all content type usages; Delete all the usages of the Content. Many times before I have had to write a bit of PowerShell to loop through Web; Content Type; Lists; Content Types in Lists; Fields in Content Types; Items The code below is the basic template I would use to get me going.

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