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Sign in. Home · Bio · Skype Guitar Lessons; Free Lessons. Classic Rock Songs · Songs For Beginners · Top 40 Hits · Beginners Lessons · Intermediate Lessons. Skype Guitar Lessons, Professional Guitar Lessons with Geoff Sinker. Blues, Jazz Easy Songs To Play . How To Play Hellion/Electric Eye By Judas Priest. In this guitar lesson video, MATT PIKE will show us the main riffs in the HIGH ON Just wanted to let you know that I've started giving Skype guitar lessons. us the intro, verse and bridge riffs in the MUNICIPAL WASTE song 'Death Proof. First picking up a guitar at age 14, he's been shredding out metal riffs ever since. Oddly, it seems that one way or another, metal was destined to. Denver, CO guitar and bass lessons specializing in rock and metal. Available at My Studio Room, on Skype and In Your Home for those in the Denver free exercise/riffs/licks + a preview to the exclusive Patreon Guitar Lessons released. What you can expect to learn in your first Skype guitar lesson. Some say the first ever heavy metal guitar riff and all with just two notes. Access the website and get a FREE 30 minute Skype Guitar Lesson. How to Devise Melodic Metal Licks for Rhythm Guitar Parts | Guitar World Tablature. “If Heavy Metal bands ruled the world, we'd be a lot better off” – Bruce Dickinson galloping Iron Maiden riffs, Insane Megadeth chromatic passages and sinful.

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