Hello my baby frog

Frog J. Michigan – Hello, My Baby Lyrics. Hello my baby. Hello my honey. Hello my ragtime gal. Send me a kiss by wire. Baby my heart's on fire. If you refuse me. Michigan J. Frog is an animated cartoon character from the Merrie Melodies film series. . "Hello! Ma Baby"; "I'm Just Wild About Harry"; "The Michigan Rag"; " Come Back to Éireann"; "Throw Him Down McCloskey"; "Won't You Come Over to My. Michigan J. Frog Dance refers to a dance originally performed by the Merry Melodies character Michigan J. Frog, which is often imitated by other characters. Michigan J. Frog - "Hello My Baby". Michigan singing Hello, My Ragtime Gal. Hello, My Ragtime Gal (as made famous by The Andrew Sisters) is a song sung by.

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