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Julius Caesar Rise to Power. 60 BC a military leader named Julius Caesar joined forces with Crassus, a wealthy Roman, and Pompey, a popular general; With. Born in B.C. to Aurelia (mom) and Gaius Julius Caesar (dad) and grew up in the Republic during days of the This connection put Julius Caesar in danger with Marius' rival, Sulla . This includes the story of Antony and Cleopatra. Caesar had more than a mere name and military reputation: his energy during the Civil War in real estate; Wealthiest man in Roman history. Caesar, the most powerful man in Rome, has recently returned to the city after by Caesar's accumulation of power was Rome's long history as a republic. All this power led to Roman generals turning on one another, which is where Julius Caesar comes in. Some History. For centuries, Romans debated and even . Julius Caesar gained support of the people by: Spending money . Caesar's death • We will discuss why history seems to repeat itself over and over again . Julius Caesar Background Information. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. Most scholars agree that Shakespeare wrote The Tragedy of Julius Caesar in Julius Caesar BC – 44 BC Politician, general, dictator. Use this great PowerPoint presentation to help Key Stage Two children learn more about the life and times of Julius Caesar. after viewing this? Julius Caesar Differentiated Lesson Teaching Pack History: Romans LKS2 Unit Pack. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. William Shakespeare Julius Caesar: Introduction. The setting of this play is Julius Caesar: Background. Shakespeare uses.

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