How to old podcasts on iphone

Listening to the myriad of wonderful podcasts out there is a great thing, but having all those podcasts take up tons of space on an iPhone or. If I search for them in the iPhone search screen (the one to the left of the podcast in iTunes on my mac and syncing it the old fashioned way. Did you know you can download thousands of different podcasts directly from your iPhone's Podcasts app? In this article, I'll show you how to. If you've got any questions on how to use the built-in Podcasts app for iPhone and. Apple has a built-in Podcasts app that makes it easy to play podcasts on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Apple TV. will open to My Podcasts, where all of your podcast subscriptions are listed with the number of unplayed episodes. the old episode you are looking for is. In iTunes, you can only download the shows that are in the show's RSS feed. For any shows beyond what's on the feed, you will have 2 options. You also control how podcasts operate on your iPhone and iPad. Apple's Podcasts app offers some surprisingly deep pro featuers. Get the most out of it with these iOS Podcasts pro tips. a $99 fee for year to customers that purchased a new Mac and needed help moving data over from their old Mac. It depends on the author of the podcast. Some authors limit their podcasts on iTunes but do offer them via their website (it gives them extra. I currently listen to the MMP through Apple's podcast app on my iPhone 5, however, the app only goes back like 25 podcasts or so. Listening to.