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This device is also known as the T-Mobile G2 Touch. 22/Jan - Stock ROMs + radios in format for GSM Hero HTC HERO Three, UK. Update HTC Hero with Android v JellyBean or later version with best custom ROMs from this article. HTC Hero is the third phone manufactured by HTC running the Android platform, announced . A popular Android ROM for the GSM HTC Hero is FroydVillain. Android has also been ported to the GSM HTC Hero by the popular. Find out why Niall thinks the HTC Hero is the handset that iPhone haters Page 1 HTC Hero (G2 Touch) Review; Page 2 HTC Hero Review; Page 3 runs at MHz and is paired with MB of ROM and MB of RAM. Having an HTC Hero G2 Touch phone then we have a Gingerbread can update your phone with the Gingerbread custom ROM. Or check our Downloads section and click on Android then ROMs and use the search bar You are here: How To's» How To: Load a Custom ROM on Your HTC Hero .. Hi i got my tmobile g2 touch on saturday and i rooted it using the 1 click. HTC Hero: G2 Touch help, reviews, wallpaper, root tools, ROMs and more. HTC Internal Memory: ROM: MB, RAMMB SDRAM. Memory HTC A62XX / HTC Hero / T-Mobile G2 Touch / Dopod Magic. Moderator note - this is an HTC Hero. i want to install custom firmware on htc hero g2 touch using clockworkmod recovery.

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