Hydryllin syrup in pregnancy

Guaifenesin, like Mucinex, is a cough medicine ingredient that is thought to be safe in pregnancy, but there's not a whole lot of research. The safest way to treat a cough during pregnancy is actually humidifying the air. If a pregnant woman has a severe cough that doesn't respond. Hydryllin DM drug information: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding. Safe medicines and home remedies for cough during pregnancy. ginger, menthol and honey; Basic cough syrups – Vicks cough syrup; Paracetamol – only in. Hydryllin drug information: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding. Medications during pregnancy may harm the baby. Find out if cough syrup is safe . we have in the house Lemsip for chesty coughs - which we brought for the kids - label does not say it is not sutible during pregnancy but does. Recently, data generated from a study in chick embryos were extrapolated to suggest that pregnant women should not use this drug because of the risk of birth . Experiencing a cough while pregnant can cause physical discomfort and generate concern. When simple measures, like sucking on cough drops or sipping hot. Advice and warnings for the use of Aminophylline during pregnancy. FDA Pregnancy Category C - Risk cannot be ruled out.

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