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Please see houdini-connections.co.uk for details. The houdini-connections.co.uk is empty. I also tried to use another IBIS to spice converters but I was not successful. I have an IBIS model of Analog Switch TS5A houdini-connections.co.uk /litabs 4&familyId= I need to convert it to spice. Microcap. houdini-connections.co.uk (IBIS to SPICE converter). Finally, for completeness, you can convert the SPICE deck back to IBIS using the NCSU " S2IBIS2". IBIS to SPICE converter (K v posted 10/98). This free version of IBIS2SPICE supports models up to IBIS version. Support through version . Do anyone know about IBIS to SPICE converter for free download which should be entirely compatible with the simulation of PSPICE (OrCAD), EDSPICE (EDWinXP) etc. Most of IBIS today are versions and I was having difficulty in simulating them in cadence or pspice. Gardena, CA (August 2, ) -- Intusoft announced today the release of its second-generation IBIS-to-SPICE model conversion software. Is there a way to convert an IBIS model (IBIS Version ) to SPICE model for behavior simulation? Some web tools can only convert IBIS model. The IBISINF utility parses the IBIS model and can also provides information on Intusoft provides the IBIS-to-SPICE converter which converts IBIS data sheet. if you have the converter from convert the device models houdini-connections.co.uk to spice format , then there are more than method to add the resulting spice model to the.

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