Ier app how to use

iER is a de-centralized, micro-social platform that allows users to issue emergency alerts, and respond to alerts issued by their friends. iER is ideal for use by. IER manager Monique Delport and Affinity Health marketing manager Delport noted that the app is free to use and is free to download from. The only one of its kind in the country, the iER app connects users to thousands of The iER App is also free to use on your smart device. IER Integrated Emergency Response, Johannesburg, South Africa. Excellent service, just received a call from them within 2 minutes of using my app. iER is South Africa's most comprehensive emergency response service centre. Gain instant access with iER's new mobile App, FREE to use on your smartphone . The safety of your family is the most important thing to you. At iER, we are fully aware of the responsibility we undertake to keep you and your. When you have successfully downloaded and registered on the iER App, our of the other alerts, using a TEST note to indicate that you are testing the iER App.

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