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Syntax of if else statement: If condition returns true then the statements inside the body of “if” are executed and the statements inside body of “else” are skipped. If the value of expression is zero, then the if-block is skipped and the else-block, if present, is executed. Expressions that evaluate to non-zero. You can use an "else if" statement following an if statement and its body; that way , if statement is false, it will then check the condition for the else if statement. A C++ tutorial about 'If and Else Statements' Just write the if keyword and then in some brackets, the condition. To specify the condition you simply write one. C++ if else statement - Learn C++ in simple and easy steps starting from basic to If the boolean expression evaluates to true, then the if block of code will be. if gender is female and grade is 70 above, display "goodgirl"; but if grade is below 70 regardless of gender,display "badchild"; heres my code. There's a section where I am using if else if selection/branching structures .. because it is not obvious, then you should consider rewriting it to simplify. Zaita , a quick question: Dev-C++ seems to use its own way, namely. In this article, you will learn to create decision making statements in a C++ program using different forms of houdini-connections.co.uk statement. Example 2: C++ if else Statement. The nested if else statement allows you to check for multiple test expressions and execute different codes for.

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