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Deploying to Bluemix PHP CRUD application with step by steps guide - IBM- Cloud/CRUD-PHP-Codeigniter-Bluemix. 8 jul. PHP Framework CodeIgniter ( Tested on + intval ($value); if ($what=='month') $month = $month + intval($value);. Check intval() in the php docs. 'now' is a timestamp parameter used by the date/ time functions: Dave Merrick. 1 posts. How to convert a string to an int in codeigniter If so reference the field through the row data then use INTVAL: eg. Returns the integer value of var, using the specified base for the conversion (the default is base 10). intval() should not be used on objects, as doing so will emit. In PHP, you can use the intval() function or cast your variable with (int): ://www. intval. (PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7). intval — Get the integer value of a variable .. If you need the reverse function of intval(), the code hereunder might be helpfull. The intval() function is used to get the integer value of a variable. intval().' '; echo echo 'Write your code here';?>. Implement Datatables with PHP and CodeIgniter in this tutorial series, including Datatables Variables $draw = intval($this->input->get("draw")); $start. CodeIgniter. *. * An open source application development framework for PHP 6 or newer. *. * @package CodeIgniter. * @author ExpressionEngine Dev.

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