Ipsec over gre tunnel mikrotik

Hi there. I'm stucked at understanding tunnelling. I've been always using ipsec tunnels on cisco routers without any doubghts, but now I've read. It's a simple manual how to setup failover channel between Mikrotik and PFsense . Hello everyone. I have a problem to assign the IPsec over GRE between two Route OS, between two router I have GRE tunnel and have a. hi. I try to make a tunnel between mikrotik-mikrotik. Gre over Ipsec according to this pic is it correct? Ip public( - ). This is the part 1 of 2, providing explanations and How-Tos for: creating GRE tunnels between a linux server and a MikroTik Router configuring IPsec to encrypt. Setting up a GRE over IPSEC VPN tunnel architectures using Mikrotik routers. So, GRE tunnel with IPsec makes a secure and authenticated site to site VPN that can be reliable to send private data across public network. I've got a GRE tunnel setup perfectly, it's working great. now i want to encrypt this with the ipsec secret just for testing. . my tunnel worked but now i'm checking my icmp message through the tunnel, but it's not encrypted?.

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