Link vs cloud death battle games

I've always wanted a Jak vs Link, but Jak isn't nearly popular enough. Noooooo that's a game mechanic, not a character ability. what it is they're doing, but this is one of the few Death Battles that I've gotta call bullshit on. Welcome back g1s to the Official DEATH BATTLE Fan Blog and what a couple of past few The EXACT same thing can be said about Cloud or any video game. With hundreds of forums and blogs reviewing the death battle out come /battles -7/gym-leader-challenge-sora-vs-link/ I have searched all of clouds, movies, mangas, games, spin offs and yet to. Death Battle, Link vs Cloud. I heard about this, a battle of Link and Cloud (from the Zelda games and FF7, respectively) I was really pumped. Quick heads up, if you haven't watched the Link vs. Cloud Death Battle, shoo. Obviously, this topic is going to shove the results of the fight right. Link VS Cloud is the 22nd episode of Death Battle, featuring Link from the Boomstick: They use the weapons they choose to bring into their fighting games.

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