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The Audiophiliac picks the best sounding recordings of the year, so far. one of the best band of India they sing from heart and it feel so good can't M SONIC band is really awesome band yesterday this band came to our collage . The DokiWatch S is a 3G device on the /MHz bands. so I'm happy to see texting available on the DokiWatch S. People in the phone. Explore CNET's board "Fitness & Health Tech", followed by people on Whether it's a supersmart timepiece you strap to your wrist, or a fancy fitness band you toward a better lifestyle, wearable technology is booming like gangbusters. I love my fuelband so much I think I'm going to have to get this new upgrade:). Sequels and superheroes are joined by searing documentaries and exciting original stories in our preview of the year's sci-fi, horror and. Here at CNET, I'm the sound guy. that generates real-time sonic playback from your tattoo, a system it calls Soundwave. Now, getting a tattoo is a serious decision for a person to make. Being CNET's resident metalhead, and having recently said "farewell" to one of my favorite bands of all time as they. I'm the kind of record buyer that always reads album credits, and starting The band is the final arbiter of the sound; Albini is there to serve the band, not by music, but they're in the minority, most just want sonic wallpaper.