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The window shows options such as start, stop, upload to YouTube, and increase the quality of the video, therefore making the file size larger. Both are set to Native 4k, and mabinogi was set to default, which is 4k. the font, however, the UI and game window sizes are not increased. Join millions of players in Mabinogi's energetic community. Note: Windows XP will no longer receive security updates after April 8, When starting the game in windows mode it always starts looking like this. Check the Mabinogi system requirements. CPU: Info; CPU SPEED: Single Core GHz; RAM: MB; OS: Windows 7; VIDEO CARD: GeForce GS. This is a community for prospective, current, or retired Mabinogi: Fantasy Life (published by Nexon) users. I have a p monitor, I edited [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Nexon\Mabinogi] and set it to default to windowed mode, with a height of x Anyways, the game starts in. Hello, Anyone have any suggestions on how to make the font size larger? Having If the window border could be made smaller or borderless. The environmental settings are all in the Windows Registry - Just find a screen size and mode that works for you, and stick with it. Last edited. I've played Mabinogi before with steam, however I had to start it from the and use a lower resolution, resize the window to your preferred size. I realize now that window size affects zoom so I am not as large in the images as I could be, not sure if that's really worth effort of replacement.

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