Mac os x iso for pear pc

To introduce Mac OS X on the emulator, you will require a iso file. You can download preformatted files from Assuming you have installed PearPC, you will now want to create an empty and/or use a CDROM drive (e.g. the Mandrake Install CDs, Mac OS X Install If you want to use CDs you must instead save them to your hard disk as file. Re: [Pearpc-users] Trouble Installing the Mac OS X operating System . I have the Mac Operating ISO image files on the harddisk not on a. PearPC doesn't read DVDs. You might be able to use an ISO of a Mac OS X install DVD, but this does not work on my. edge repository. All releases contain an example configuration file and the video.x driver from MOL. 3c90x (network card) driver for Darwin PPC/Mac OS X . Is it possible to install Mac OS X on their Window base PC? Now it is possible to Save file to the PearPC directory as "macosxiso". 4. Install the. This version of Mac OS X is for PowerPC ONLY. X86 emulators like VirtualBox, VMWare or Virtual PC will not work. Use real PowerPC Mac hardware or PearPC . There it was on the net, something called PearPC, which is a G3 emulator for Windows and You will need iso copies of the Mac OS-X disks.