Magnet links ubuntu mate

Open up Firefox and its preferences window. Go to the "Applications" tab and you should see "magnet" on the list. Click on "Always ask" and if. Chrome (or Chromium) protocol handling works differently than in Firefox. Firefox basically keeps track of all that itself, which is why you can. Next time you'll be opening magnet links in any browser, set the browser to remember the action for xdg-open and transmission will open. To download a torrent with a magnet link, try something like this: &dn=ubuntu- matedesktop-amdiso -w ~/Downloads. I'm new to Ubuntu (installed it this morning). I'm having an issue with magnet links for torrents, when I click them the next page says "the. Beta 2 bit "Magnet" link points to an old July build. Downloading with the torrent link now to verify a bug in a VM with a live boot. bit. Ideal for computers with: More than 3 GB of RAM. bit capable Intel and AMD processors; UEFI PCs booting in CSM mode. Modern Intel-based Apple. Hello, I just noticed an issue on the Ubuntu Mate website: when downloading the distro (I've tried only 64 bit, might happen with other. [SOLVED] qBittorrent fails to open magnet links - Linux Mint Forums Ubuntu MATE Community - How to fix Magnet links on Chrome - Tips. I have ubuntu installed and am using firefox. I'm confused why i can't launch transmission as the app of choice. It worked fine on my.