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so I was watching Mechaike Bakajo test AKB48 special part 3 And hahaha. a power harassment [pawahara] a new type of harassment is making trouble in. Well fans asking her that is kinda pointless no one would publicly say they don't like Kintaro:^^;: I don't think they hate I think. Mecha-Mecha Iketeru was a popular Japanese variety show, shown on Fuji TV. The first episode aired on 16 October and the last episode aired on 31 March The hosts of the show were the owarai duo Ninety-Nine (Takashi Okamura and Hiroyuki Yabe). The show was also known as Mecha-Ike (めちゃ イケ). The following is a list of a few corners that were played on the show. On this Mechaike Special, watch as Takamina and the Mechaike gang prank the entire AKB48 senbatsu into believing that Takamina is. This subtitle is brought to you by Project SUB Please link to this thread . Will work for both Mechaike SP AKBTEST (Short ver.). If you are new here, here is a quickstart guide! Link OtherWhere i could watch all mechaike bakajo kimatsu test episodes? (self. EDIT: There's a Lot of unsubbed mechaike on this site: 無料で見れるめちゃ×2イケてるッ!.

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