Minecraft giant mobs mod 1.4.6

WoodLands Biome Mod! THIS IS MY FIRST OFFICIAL MOD, but my second overall mod. My first was a mini-mod that was released yesterday. Mutant Creatures Mod adds many different creatures that are buffed up versions of Minecraft's original mobs! These mini-bosses bring. This mod also gives Giant Zombies Texture their own texture. With this mod, you can use any skin (even HD skins!) as one of those mobs!!. This is the Vampire mod it add several items and mobs into your game that I must give a huge thanks to duke_Frans for helping me make the. [/] More Mobs Mod Download . Go into /.minecraft/bin/houdini-connections.co.uk (on most computers this file is just Minecraft giant mobs mod!. This mod is full of christmas blocks, items, structures, mobs and music! The snowman can be found in 3 sizes: huge, big and normal.

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