Minecraft skyblock with shop map

This map is a void map with a Skyblock Spawn Shops and a special area below the Spawn. The system I created within this map allows you to. This custom map is an evolution of SkyBlock with a lot of other things added. A shop where you can sell and buy objects;; You can build ores. Simple skyblock server with currency system(economy) and a player accessible shop, for up to 10 players. --IMPORTANT-- Full credit to minecraft schematics. Description Whats this about? Well, the super-hot skyblock is very famous. Want to add some extra punch into it? Why not make a currency?. This is a skyblock map that I created myself. I think you guys will enjoy it If you decide to 2. Do not build a path to the shop 3. Do not cheat Play. Island In The Sky is basically the same as skyblock survival except that this map also contains a store where you can trade resources with villagers. Forum · Minecraft Maps · Survival Maps; Island In The Sky With Shop v