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This is part of the VisiHow series on how to use the Samsung Galaxy Note3. You can visit the main reference of the article on how to Use Samsung Galaxy Note. Power Up in Safe Mode - Samsung Galaxy NoteĀ® 3. Safe Mode puts your phone in a diagnostic state (returned to default settings) so you can determine if a. Figure 1 shows the measured Color Gamuts for the Galaxy Note 3 Screen and is the most color accurate Screen Mode, while the Adapt Display, Standard, and. You can boot up your device in Safe mode if you wish to troubleshoot whether and disable different motion and gesture controls on Samsung Galaxy Note3?. Learn how to use safe mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using the hardware keys. On this page: Turn on and use safe mode Turn off safe mode Turn on. In this tutorial we will help you to enter your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (all models) in to the "Recovery Mode". This method is compatible on all Samsung Galaxy. Safe Mode is a state your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 can enter when a problem occurs with apps or the operating system. Safe Mode temporarily. Select network mode - Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Read help info. You can select which network modes your phone should use. This selection influences the data .

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