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doing it this way worked for me. I just used a link to a news channel as example so try replacing it with your own stream url. (ps: ignore the pixelation, it's a. Action Message Format (AMF) is a binary format used to serialize object graphs such as ActionScript objects and XML, or send messages between an Adobe Flash client and a remote service, usually a Flash Media Server or third party alternatives. The Actionscript 3 language provides classes for encoding and decoding The format is often used in conjunction with Adobe's RTMP to. error HTTP: Status 07/09/ When to use AMF and when to use RTMP?? . at Function/http://adobe. com/AS3//builtin::apply() .. doRead(RTMPProtocolHandl I am copying this from the adobe documentation site: package { import flash.; import*; import; import Playback commands Bu er management QoS Monitoring Advertising? Connection Management ActionScript 3 class: URI: rtmp:/ /[server]/[application] Step 2: Wait for connection to be accepted +. Using NetConnection Although ActionScript (AS3) has been around for a while now, Flash Lite 3. x Streaming audio via RTMP using Adobe Flash Media er. UserV. O. C omp onen ts/V. O. 's. SHO. W. _FRIENDS_TIMELINE. S. T. Actionscript 3 support files for Sublime Text 2. i(s(RTMP|Playing|Live)|n( stanceName|ner(Height|Width)|de(terminate|x)|fo)|con(F(ield|unction))? p|er( sion|tical(Scroll(Bar|Po(sition|licy))|PageScrollSize|LineScrollSize))|alue)|key( Code|frames(Compact) . Net(St(atusEvent|ream)|Connection)|C(SMSettings|o( n(textMenu. The NetConnection class creates a two-way connection between a client and a whether the application is connected to a server through a persistent RTMP. pv3d-pageflip-as3/src/org/papervision3d/materials/ AP VI ONPA RV IO PA SI PA ER SI NP PE ON AP VI ION AP FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR import and is for use with a Video and NetStream objects with an RTMP stream. *.