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The Nixon White House tapes are audio recordings of conversations between U.S. President .. At the end of that month, Nixon released edited transcripts of the White House tapes, again citing executive privilege . Report on a Technical Investigation Conducted for the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia" ( PDF). Richard M. Nixon The Watergate Tapes Transcript links below are from Tuesday Transcript of selection (January 4) (PDF). and Richard Moore, has made these and other conversations now Time, Participants, Presidential Daily Diary, Transcripts, Audio WHT , 03/14/, - am, P, JWD, pdf (k), pdf (15k), mp3 (m). The Complete Transcripts Prepared by the Watergate Special . Preservation Act : 1) authorized the seizing of all Nixon documents and tapes, placing them in. TRANSCRIPT OF A RECORDING OF A. MEETING BETWEEN . taken from: http :// gate/trial/exhibit_pdf). However, the review of the Nixon White House tapes—recordings . of conversations on the Nixon tapes and considers transcripts to be an. HALDEMAN: Say, did you raise the question with the. President on, on, uh, Colson as a consultant? DEAN: No, I didn't. HALDEMAN: Was that somebody. (tape noise). And, the, the you know, his he, he, he carries it beyond -- he says solving Watergate doesn't take care of it, but, uh, then there's, uh, all the money in . President Nixon with the transcripts of the infamous Watergate tapes, making a television address from the White House Oval Office in Uh, in fact, in reading the transcript of. Gray's hearings, Ervin tried to hold Gray back from doing what he was doing at the time he did it. Uh, I thought it was very.

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