Phonegap show ed image'Rotating picture ' + degree + ' degrees');. degree * / );. }$img[0], canvasX, canvasY );. How the launch image works on PhoneGap .. ran a blog and posted a video there which showed the newest update in version of the app. Capture and Upload photo to server with PhoneGap . This post is continuity of the previous post where I showed how you can capture photo. My solution was to change image paths by removing the leading "/": /img/my_icon .png -> img/, then my in-app icons showed up. Picture');;;'hide', function() Picture view, added it to the view port, and showed it on-screen. Similarly, we. Polymer + Cordova: Can't access device images Debugging the code in XCode showed that the local webserver still added the cdvToken. Upload a Picture using PhoneGap on Android . This blog post showed that device features not normally available to mobile web applications.

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